Mobile Massage Therapy

Experience Mobile Advanced Massage Therapy and Spa Services in Pemberton, NJ

Step into the realm of relaxation and rejuvenation with Jersey Healing Hands! We have been providing premier mobile advanced massage therapy and spa services in Pemberton, NJ, and surrounding areas since 2012. Our comprehensive range of services caters to all your alternative wellness needs, from specialized techniques like Reiki and medical massage to prenatal and postnatal care. Our team is dedicated to bringing the healing touch directly to your doorstep, offering in-home services for ultimate convenience and relaxation.

Contact us today to schedule your personalized mobile massage therapy and spa experience with Jersey Healing Hands. Let us bring the healing touch to your doorstep and elevate your wellness journey.

Services Offered:

Mobile Advanced Massage Therapy:

Experience personalized and tailored massage therapy techniques right in the comfort of your own home. Our skilled therapists utilize advanced methods to address individual needs and promote overall well-being.


Discover the ancient Japanese art of Reiki for stress reduction, relaxation, and holistic healing. Let our practitioners guide you towards balance and harmony, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Medical Massage:

Target specific medical conditions or therapeutic needs with our specialized medical massage techniques. Our therapists are trained to provide relief and support for various health concerns.

Pre/Post Natal Massage in Pemberton, NJ:

Nourish your body and spirit during pregnancy and postpartum with our specialized prenatal and postnatal holistic massage therapy. Our gentle and supportive treatments are designed to promote relaxation and alleviate discomfort.

In-Home Service Massage Therapy:

Skip the hassle of traveling to a spa and enjoy the luxury of professional therapy in your home service massage. Our mobile services bring relaxation directly to you, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.

Therapeutic Yoga Sessions for Stress Relief:

Find peace and tranquility with our therapeutic yoga sessions focused on stress relief and rejuvenation. Let our experienced instructors guide you through gentle movements and meditation practices to restore balance to your body and mind.

Areas Served:

Pemberton, NJ, and surrounding areas, including Tom's River, Lakewood, Jackson, Freehold, Princeton, Cherry Hill, Brick, Wall, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, Mount Laurel, and more.

Additional Services:

Extend your wellness experience with our additional services available for select areas of New York (NY) and New York City (NYC). Perfect for corporate gatherings, wellness retreats, or special occasions.

Offering massage therapy in New York, NY, at special events


Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyassa Flows combined with Restorative Stetching for In Home Private Sessions.  

Whether you’re looking for PEMF therapy or a massage in New York, NY, contact us

LifeWave Wellness Patches

Photo, Bio modulation activation Lifewave patches promoting the bodies natural healing abilities.

Your source for alternate health in New York, NY

Alternative Therapies

Ionic De-Tox Foot Baths, PEMF Therapy, Infra Red Light Healing, and Intuitive Bodywork Therapies.

Alternative Therapies

Harmony and Balance

 In-Home Pain Management and Wellness Therapies/Coaching

Intuitive Massage Therapy

Vibrational Emotional Balancing

Pre Natal Massage

Post Natal Massage

LifeWave Patches

Stem Cell Activation Patches

Light Therapy

In Home Pain Management

Medical Massage

PEMF Therapy 

Myofascial Massage

Yoga For Pain Management




In Home Therapeutic Massage, Wellness Events, Retreats, Office Massage Services, In-Home Yoga

Service Areas (South Jersey)

  • Toms River, NJ, USA
  • Medford Lakes, NJ, USA
  • Lakewood, NJ, USA
  • Brick, NJ, USA
  • Long Beach, NJ, USA
  • Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
  • Atlantic City, NJ, USA
  • NY and NJ Retreats/Wellness Events/Spa Parties


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