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Tiffany Rae   

Tiffany Rae began her journey in the healing arts in 1998 apprenticing with a Master Korean energy healer for 3 years as she began working with vibrational fields of energy. She then went on to complete studies with The Institute Of Psycho Structural Balancing in Los Angeles as well as The Swedish Institute in NYC. Because of Tiffany's ability to feel vibrational fields of energy she is able to address complex issues easily. Tiffany is always exploring the newest trends globally in alternative health as well as anti-aging discoveries. Tiffany, a seasoned yoga practitioner, has developed over the years from seeing the result of corresponding pain connected with certain muscles her Yogassage/Restorative Yoga Therapy to assist her clients in learning how to effectivly alleviate pain.

Tiffany also scouts and works with the most talented and skilled therapists that participate in Healing Hands Wellness Events. 


“My experience with Tiffany was not by getting a massage with her, but by seeing her work next to me. I am a Massage Therapist as well and I work with Tiffany. The first time I worked with her, about a month ago, we worked on a couple in the same room. She worked on the husband and I worked on the wife. As I was working on my client I couldn't help not notice Tiffany's techniques. I wanted to be the person on that table.

I have worked with other therapists before side by side, but what I saw in Tiffany's work was very different and unique. She goes through the body looking for trouble spots and she doesn't stop until she is done. After we were done, as we were walking back to the car, I commented to her 'The way I saw you work made me feel like I don't know anything about massaging.'

People rave about my massages all the time, but with Tiffany I have to say 'Honor to whom deserves honor.' Not only that, she is also caring, loving, kind, giving, and has a beautiful soul. Getting to know her has been a blessing. Can't wait to get a massage from her.”
Evelyn Gomez

“I honestly typed into Google®, 'The best massage therapist in NYC' and I ended up finding NYC Healing Hands. My wife just had a baby 6 months ago and does not have the time or energy to go get work done. She was in a lot of pain and I needed to help her.

The therapist from NYC Healing Hands was so professional and amazingly good. My wife and I are so thankful. I did find the best therapist in NYC. Thank You!!"—David and Elana Simmons

“I was extremely pleased with my session. It was as if she knew exactly where I needed to be worked on without me telling her. The energy she gives off is truly amazing. I had some back problems and they were gone the day after she worked on me. The session takes 90 minutes and it put me into a deep state of relaxation. Anyone thinking of getting massage work done really needs to see her. I would highly recommend her and I will definitely be returning to have her work on me again.”
—Sal Maya, NYC

In a city filled with massage therapists, Tiffany's skill and warm professionalism set her apart from the rest. She has an excellent understanding of the body, is very strong, and never puts you through unnecessary pain. I always leave sessions with her feeling 100 times better and I find that the results last much longer than a typical massage.

Tiffany is my go-to girl for a guaranteed great massage. I highly recommend her!"—Tabitha Greene, Los Angeles, CA

“I have now had two sessions with Tiffany and intend to continue. She is highly professional, has an amazing ability to identify what is wrong and apply a combination of techniques to make radical improvements. This is a remarkable therapeutic combination that has alleviated my chronic back pain. With Tiffany's help I will be able to start working out again and get myself back in shape after too much time sat in office chairs and airline seats and battling with the stress of NYC life! Thank you.”
—Douglas Dodd, NYC

“Tiffany is the best practitioner I have ever met. She is so courteous and professional. It seemed that she figured out where my pain was originating very quickly and really surprised me at how much better I feel. I have never had bodywork that gave me such fast results. She is such a lovely, knowledgeable person and I look forward to being pain free with her assistance.”—Linda West

“I should have gone into massage therapy was all I could think after this amazing work. I have a lot of stress in my job and NYC Healing Hands really helps me to de-stress. They are very skilled therapists and very professional. I actually send my clients to them as well.”
—Dr. Richard Benz

“This was my first experience with NYC Healing Hands and I had to write because it was so great. I had terrible pain in my neck and after a therapeutic massage, I feel 100% better. I am a very busy professional and they came to my home which really helped me fit it into my schedule. And they really cared. She even showed me stretches afterwards to help release my neck and body pain. Thank You.”—Karen

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