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Skin Regeneration Treatments


Skin Regenerating, Anti-Aging Facial Treatments


Cellulite, Fat Reduction, Skin Tightening Treatments 


Experience the newest developments in beauty and technology for skin regeneration and cellulite/adipose reduction treatments.


Radio Frequency (Skin Tightening Treatment) - $100

Uses sound wave technology combined with radio frequency to penetrate the deeper dermis- stimulating collagen production, tone, reducing wrinkles and tightening skin.


Ultra Cavitation (Cellulite/Fat Reduction) Treatments - $100

A new approach to treating cellulite and loose skin. A combination of ultrasound and radio frequency waves plus a vacuum system combined together to destabilize and burst fat cells thru a process called ultra cavitation collapsing the fat cells as they are flushed out through the lymph drainage system of the body. The bodies cellular activity is stimulated by the ultrasound and rf waves to promote collagen production, elasticity, circulation and over all skin tone.

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